The Matrix

If I have to think of a movie that literally blew my mind as kid, I don’t have to think much.

I was 12yo when The Matrix hit the theaters and revolutionized the idea of sci-fi. It did at least for me.

The idea of being unaware prisoners, asleep in a water tank, trapped in a fictional reality, mankind as machine’s hamburger. Hey, maybe water tanks are for thirsty machines!

I really wouldn’t know where to begin if I have to mention all the things that made me think back in the days “THIS IS THE MOVIE”.

But what’s the movie about?

As an adult you see things in a different perspective, you understand that everything you saw and learned as a kid must be converted, must be adapted to yourself and to the world around you. I won’t even start my introspective voyage about early Disney cartoons because I am still processing them.

The Matrix is not about robots, war and a badass dude with superpowers. The Matrix taught me that life is about making choices and each choice we make determines our future self. Each choice we make, empowers our mind with responsibilities and courage. The choice of being curious, to see what the world is really about, to not be afraid of discovering yourself and sometimes not asking too many questions about free warm homemade cookies.

So, is it all about red pill or blue pill? No, it’s also about the journey that took you there to that single moment when you think about every step you made, every people you met, every wonderful or horrible thing you learned that shaped your path ’til the rabbit hole. How deep it goes? As deep as your imagination can go, while fear and doubts hold the leash.

Finding ourselves might actually be the most important goal we have in life and it’s no easy shit. We’ll be hesitant sometimes, but we got to push through, trying to see what we can achieve, trying to breath in, look back and see all the road we already did and be proud. Smile and be grateful.

Life is like jumping from one skyscraper to another with no ropes or parachute. Life punches you in the face challenging you to be better. How? Don’t THINK you are. KNOW you are.

Awakening: that the big deal.

Agent Smith to me represents all insecurities that try to hold us back, that wants us to fail. Agent Smith is part us and we cannot live without because no man has no fear. Agent Smith makes us humans, but only us can decide how his presence will impact our life and how important his role will be.

And here we are, even The Matrix, at the end gave us an old fashioned “Happily ever after” because no matter how dark the night is, somehow the sun rises once again, and all the shadows are chased away.

Brothers and Sisters of Zion, why Neo didn’t pet the cat?

Mr. Yellow

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